Crypto Fever Grips Dubai with TOKEN2049

The inaugural TOKEN2049 conference, slated to take place in Dubai has officially sold out, with a staggering 10,000 attendees from across the globe eagerly awaiting their chance to participate in what promises to be a defining moment for the crypto and Web3 industries.


Alex Fiskum, Co-Founder of TOKEN2049 said; “Remarkably, 90% of our attendees are internationals flying in from overseas, setting the stage for what will be a truly global industry gathering. We have an incredibly action-packed week in store. TOKEN2049 Week will feature over 300 side events taking place throughout the city, from hacker houses and networking events to Crypto Fight Night and Karate Combat. The week will be capped off with our closing party - AFTER 2049. We’ll celebrate the Bitcoin halving against the backdrop of the stunning Dubai Marina skyline on an evening that promises to be unforgettable.”

Attendees can expect a comprehensive program that covers the most salient topics in the industry, including the intersection of AI and Web3, hyperscaling solutions, decentralized physical infrastructure networks, the Bitcoin ETF and institutional flows, Web3 gaming, and meme coins, amongst others.


What sets TOKEN2049 apart is not just its scale, but its significance. Against the backdrop of Dubai's gleaming skyline, industry titans and visionaries will converge to discuss the future of decentralized finance, blockchain technology, and the expanding frontier ofWeb3. From Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, to Bryan Johnson, a pioneer in longevity and human enhancement, the speaker line-up reads like a who's who of the crypto world, each set to offer their unique insights at the event.


But TOKEN2049 isn't merely a conference – it's a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the boundless potential of decentralized networks. Yet, beneath the glitz and glamour lies a deeper truth, one that speaks to the growing influence of crypto and Web3 on the global stage. With sponsors like M2, BingX, and TRON throwing their weight behind the conference, it's clear that the world is waking up to the transformative power of blockchain technology, and Dubai is leading the charge.

Photos: TOKEN2949

April 14, 2024