With a TXP card, you can pay for everyday items using crypto, gold or 30+ currencies. Take back control over how you spend.

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Answer simple compliance


Instantly receive a virtual TXP card


Get paid, trade and spend
in the assets you prefer


Pick up rewards as you spend



Trust is not just a part of our name, it's the foundation that permeates every aspect of our service.


Deposits are securely held by an FCA-regulated institution (EMI)


We insure each customers' crypto assets for up to £150 million


We only trade with the most reputable cash, crypto and gold providers


You always have full visibility and control over your assets

Break the barriers

Instantly transfer crypto or cash to family and friends
Spend in the currency or crypto of your choice
Invest in gold or crypto, all from one app
Withdraw cash or crypto from ATMs internationally
Get rewarded in your choice of carbon offsets, gold, crypto or air miles
30+ major currencies
Accepted by 42+ million merchants
Funds safeguarded by a regulated EMI
Built-in crypto insurance

Take back control

Manage inflation

Store your wealth securely in crypto or precious metals, to help preserve value

Exchange effortlessly

Switch your crypto or precious metal back to your currency of choice at any time

Spend without limits

Pay with over 42 million merchants worldwide, or withdraw your assets as cash

Transfer instantly

Trade or transfer across 120+ countries in seconds, bypassing local exchange rates and waiting times

360-degree insurance

Rest assured that your crypto and gold assets are insured by an independent third-party provider

Non-stop rewards

Whenever you spend, we'll always give you something back


your rewardS.
Receive crypto
Earn real gold
Collect air miles
Offset carbon

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