TXP and Fuze Partner to Pioneer Virtual Assets Trading Services in MENA

TrustXPay (TXP), a leading digital finance platform with a global presence in the UK and Dubai, recently forged a strategic alliance with Fuze, the pioneering regulated digital assets infrastructure platform in the MENA region. This partnership marks a key moment for TXP as it integrates Fuze's cutting-edge crypto-as-a-service offering, transforming the way TXP customers engage in virtual asset trading directly through the TXP platform.

The partnership was cemented at TXP's soft launch in Dubai, highlighting the shared vision of both entities to spearhead and organize innovative fintech solutions. By leveraging Fuze's advanced technology, TXP aims to empower its customers with state-of-the-art virtual assets trading services, strengthening its foothold in the fintech sphere.

The alliance between TXP and Fuze is anchored in the robust regulatory framework established by the UAE's authorities. In a region distinguished by its rapid emergence as a digital assets hub, such collaborations play a vital role in cultivating trust within the digital assets sphere. A recent survey conducted in the UAE uncovered that nearly half of virtual asset users expressed a lack of confidence in existing exchanges, highlighting the demand for regulated alternatives.

Fuze's Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) allows financial institutions to oversee their virtual asset services, such as risk assessment and compliance reporting, via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. This capability enables banks to engage in the virtual asset economy without the need to create their own internal virtual assets infrastructure.

TXP is known for offering more than just convenience. The platform provides a wide array of payment solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern consumers.

“This partnership has come at a time when cryptocurrency adoption is experiencing great growth in the MENA region, as both companies are leading a trend with their pro-activeness,” commented Shahid Munir, the Founder of TXP.  

“As virtual asset users increasingly seek regulated options, our collaboration comes at an opportune moment. Fintech development is crucial for economic transformation, and our partnership with Fuze will facilitate and enhance innovation in vital asset trading.”

Mohammed Ali Yusuf (Mo Ali Yusuf), Co-Founder and CEO of Fuze added, “We’re looking forward to a strong collaboration with TXP. The team has an exciting vision for how customers transact and invest with digital assets products. Fuze’s specialist infrastructure will enable TXP to rapidly launch regulated, scalable digital assets products for their customers.”

Both TXP and Fuze are optimistic about the long-term implications of their partnership, aiming to enhance their offerings and broaden their influence in key markets across the Middle East and North Africa. Through the integration of their technology and expertise, TXP and Fuze are set to deliver unmatched virtual asset trading services to customers.

March 5, 2024