Four Seasons Launches its Luxury Yachts – Jaw-Dropping Luxury on the High Seas

Four Seasons, the renowned hospitality brand synonymous with luxury and impeccable service, is venturing into uncharted waters with the launch of Four Seasons Yachts. Teaming up with luxury yachting company Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings Ltd. and Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, Four Seasons is bringing its legendary service and expertise to the high seas.

The first Four Seasons Yacht, scheduled to set sail in late 2025, will offer guests an unparalleled experience. With 95 suites designed to blend indoor and outdoor living, the yacht promises a residential-style product that prioritizes privacy and guest-centric layout. The crown jewel of the vessel, the Funnel Suite, spans over 9,500 square feet and features a private wading pool and spa area, offering guests a truly luxurious escape.


One of the yacht's most innovative features is its bespoke onboard transverse marina, providing guests with easy access to water sports adventures. The marina's design features expansive openings, offering large platforms and tiered lounging decks on both sides. Inside, guests can unwind in an elegant lounge area with a stylish bar and panoramic ocean views.

To manage the high demand for voyages on Four Seasons Yachts, priority access is being granted by invitation-only, starting with loyal Four Seasons guests and valued travel partners. A dedicated private client service division has been established to ensure that guests receive the personalized service that Four Seasons is renowned for.


The inaugural season of Four Seasons Yachts will take guests on voyages through the Caribbean and Mediterranean, visiting iconic yachting destinations such as the French and Italian Rivieras, the Adriatic coastline, and the Greek Isles. With an average journey of seven days and back-to-back voyages of 21 days, guests can explore multiple destinations in one seamless trip.


Four Seasons has appointed veteran cruise executive Damien O'Connor to manage the vessel's hotel operations and land excursions, ensuring that guests receive the highest level of service both onboard and ashore. With a team of experts from Four Seasons, Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings, Fincantieri, Prosper Assouline, and Tillberg Design of Sweden, Four Seasons Yachts is set to create an unprecedented luxury yachting experience.

As Four Seasons Yachts embarks on its maiden voyage into uncharted waters, it guarantees a luxury experience unlike any other. We're eagerly anticipating the opportunity to indulge in much-needed adventure and luxury. What more could one ask for?

Photos: Four Seasons Yachts

March 27, 2024